Why does the Widowhood Workshop ministry exist? What is it trying toaccomplish?(1) Raise awareness about widowhood. How many people think much aboutit, until they are forced to experience it? How many Bible classes atchurch have studied or discussed the subject? How many people haveread a book or even an article about widowhood? This ministry isContinue reading “WIDOWHOOD WORKSHOP PURPOSES”

Workshop vs. Retreat

    What is the difference in a Widowhood Workshop and a Widow/Widower Retreat? The Widowhood Workshop ministry has conducted both. It would be easy to confuse the two. Let me explain.     Generally speaking about their primary (not exclusive) purposes, one is educational…the other inspirational. One is a something-for-everyone event…the other strictly forContinue reading “Workshop vs. Retreat”

Why Have a Widow/Widower Retreat?

Dr. Ira North, probably best known for his lengthy ministry with the old Madison church in Middle Tennessee, recommended to churches that wanted to grow to go “all out” for young people. I agreed with that when I first read it in his book and still believe he was “spot on.” One of the effectiveContinue reading “Why Have a Widow/Widower Retreat?”