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We are already preparing for our 4th Annual Widow/Widower Retreat! Start planning now to join us for this uplifting weekend.

“This is absolutely wonderful! This is my second year and I feel that I’ve been treated as royalty both times.”

2020 Retreat Attendee

“Always an uplifting experience with likeminded friends!”

2020 Retreat Attendee

“When the End Comes” by Dean Miller

“Why did I write this book? Before I experienced “the end,” I never preached a sermon about widowhood and never taught classes about it, either (despite the fact it’s a biblical subject and virtually all churches have members living this reality). I repented. I had no idea what these secret sufferers were going through. I thought I did, but I didn’t. How can we minister effectively to people in a life circumstance we know nothing about? This book is available on Amazon ($9 paperback, $5 kindle). Churches or individuals may purchase quantities through me @ $8 (plus postage). I hope it prompts discussion in families, churches and communities.”

Welcome to this website. Feel free to click on any or all the options to learn more about this ministry. Various kinds of workshops are now being scheduled for 2021 and beyond!

A ministry of compassion now under the oversight of the shepherds of the LaVergne (TN) Church of Christ

Ignorance and inexperience with grief, especially that which accompanies the loss of a mate, makes it difficult (if not impossible) to minister effectively to those trying to live after loss. These workshops raise awareness about the impact of loss. Hopefully, with informed insight people will be better prepared for the experience and more capable servants of those left behind.  

A million or more people in the United States every year experience the loss of their spouse.The number of citizens who are widows or widowers is in the neighborhood of 20 million. Maybewe need to address this issue, don’t you think?

The subject may not be in our comfort zone but we need to think about it, study about it, and talk about it.  Why?  The co-authors of Getting to the Other Side of Grief (Overcoming the Loss of a Spouse) observe, “…those who have never been widowed barely have a clue to what the process is really like.”  Widowhood Workshop is a ministry attempting to raise awareness about this life experience.

It was birthed in the grief journey of Dean Miller, a minister in the Lord’s church who lost his wife in 2013.  It is a flexible workshop that can be tailored to a church or organization’s schedule and purposes for hosting it.

This workshop will be a blessing to:

• Widows and Widowers
• Married Couples
• Those who want to minister to Widows & Widowers

Lessons Include:

Widowhood: From the Divine Perspective
Widowhood: From the Personal Perspective

Surviving WidowhoodFlorida School of Preaching Lectureships 2018

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