Workshop on Widowhood Helps Many
– Dr. Stafford North
Professor at Oklahoma Christian University

“This workshop was one of the most helpful events I have ever attended”
-Earl Ash
Director, Ohio Valley University Center for Church Care

“I thought the workshop was very valuable and timely.  Although not a widow myself, I thought your presentation was touching even to those of us who are not in that position as yet.  Personally, it caused me to evaluate my attitude and actions toward my husband so that I can make any changes I may need to make.  I am guilty of sometimes taking him for granted and I can do better with that.  You helped me to remember how quickly our circumstances can change and how today is the day to be the kind of wife/husband we should be.

Thank you for your presentation.  I am sorry for the events that led you to this place, but just know how important your message is.  I don’t enjoy the fact that I had major cancer that left my body bruised and broken (I live with many side affects of the treatment.), but I know I can use my experience to turn that pain into a blessing for others and bring glory to God just as you suggested and are doing.  Thank you.”

-Colleen Leedy (Age 62)
Medina (OH) Church of Christ

“In 2010 my wife was diagnosed with a terminal, incurable form of dementia. For more than three years I watched her wither away, and, despite professional training concerning these kinds of illnesses, I was personally unprepared for the trauma of her death. I wish I had had access to the kinds of information and support offered in Dean Miller’s “Widowhood Seminar.” Especially helpful to me was the opportunity to listen to the experiences and ideas of other individuals dealing with widow and widower issues. I wish I had had those opportunities before my wife’s passing. It would have certainly helped me in my grief process.”

-Ron McQuinn
Recovery Minister
University City Church of Christ
Gainesville, Fl

“Such a wonderful series of lessons for EVERYONE! Before we had this workshop at Woodson Chapel in Nashville, some asked if it was something beneficial to those who aren’t Widowed- most definitely! The comments were so positive about what they learned, realized, and came away with after this workshop, and actions from what we learned are still evident!”

-Cheryl Hughes
Member – Woodson Chapel Church of Christ