Why does the Widowhood Workshop ministry exist? What is it trying to
(1) Raise awareness about widowhood. How many people think much about
it, until they are forced to experience it? How many Bible classes at
church have studied or discussed the subject? How many people have
read a book or even an article about widowhood? This ministry is about
educating the inexperienced about what it is like to lose a spouse and live
with that reality every day.
(2) Challenge married couples to cherish their marriage before one of the two
is left behind. When is health appreciated? When it’s lost! Human beings
without determined intention naturally seem to drift toward taking things
for granted (e.g., health, wealth, friendship, home, mobility). This ministry
is about deepening gratitude for the treasured blessing of marriage
before the experience of loss.
(3) Provide pre-widowhood preparation. Is there practical value in premarital
counseling to assist with the transition from being single to being
married? If there is, some familiarity with widowhood can help in
transitioning from being married to being widowed. Loss is a storm. The
best time to prepare for a storm is before it comes. This ministry is about
offering some training for the experience of becoming involuntarily single.
(4) Motivate local churches to develop ongoing widowhood ministries for
their own members and communities. Why are there all kinds of
ministries targeted to specific needs (e.g., education, benevolence, youth,
seniors, recovery, leadership, families)? Life has its changes and
challenges. Some are chosen, others are forced. This ministry is about
helping local churches effectively address the uniquely difficult life of the
(5) Encourage the widowed. What does a person need when they are no
longer half of a whole? The whole no longer exists. They need to know
they are not alone. They need to be reminded they can survive
heartbreaking loss. The death of a spouse is among the worst of human
experiences. This ministry is about providing much needed
encouragement to those hurt deeply by loss.

Please visit the ministry’s website www.widowhoodworkshop.com and/or
“like”/“follow” the public Facebook page: Widowhood Workshop Ministry. Feel
free to email deanmiller@widowhoodworkshop.com, if you have questions or
would like to schedule a workshop.


  1. Thank you so much for your existence. I have not attended a workshop yet but intend to here in the coming days. I had to say goodbye to my first and only love just a month ago. After 40 years together (34 married) it crushed me! I’ve never felt so empty. I look forward to the workshop.


  2. Richard, forgive me for not getting back with you right away. Your comments were totally overlooked. Frankly, I am not the best with technology and was unaware of this element of our website. My son-in-law is the webmaster for the ministry. I’m clueless about a lot of technology.

    All that said, please note the schedule on the website regarding workshops. There’s also blogs on this website that might help you. There’s also a public Facebook page you can locate at “Widowhood Workshop Ministry,” if you are on Facebook.


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